3Steps | Kai Krieger, Joachim Pitt, Uwe Krieger | 3Steps art collective in their atelier



The twins Kai H. and Uwe H. Krieger
Joachim Pitt
All 3 of them born in 1980

1998 the Street Art Collective 3Steps was founded

All 3 of them live in Giessen near Frankfurt, Germany

The works of 3Steps have developed from Mural Art and Street Art. The collective paints colorful neo pop images on facades and murals as well as several kinds of paintable media in the studio. The body of work of 3Steps contains mural art, street art, paintings on wood and canvas, photographs, screenprints as well as sculptures and installations. Most of the mixed media paintings consist of a collage of newspapers, magazines, photographs, stencil works, spray paint, acrylic, resin and screenprinting on wood and canvas.