Florian Fausch

Florian Fausch

born 1981 in Zurich, Switzerland

Graduation from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, master degre with Prof. Anzinger

Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany

The large-scale painting radiates a warm atmosphere, flooded with sunlight. A dense, warm, deep yellow is the main colour accent. In a diagonal coming from the right, an edged building with a large window area comes to the fore. Next to and behind the building the viewer can recognise plants which are rather indicated by the choice of colour than by ist realistic shape. In this kind you could describe Florian Fausch´s painting at first glance.

But then something must have happened, something that could be a scene from a science fiction movie: glass shatters suddenly and without apparent cause, the window glass pours into many shards into the landscape and cuts it so that the whole environment seems fragmented and dissolved in hard-edged surfaces and becomes a surreal, abstract idea.

Florian Fausch´s paintings move on that same line between abstraction and figuration. While still painting figurative lancscapes during his studies Florian dissolved the recognition of his motives in the course of his artistic development more and more without negating it completely. As an idea recognition lingers in a very concrete way behind his paintings, remains at a breath but is never so seductively close that the viewer´s gaze could weigh in safety of recognition and expressibility.