Inga Hehn

Inga Hehn

born 1984 in Linz, AT
lives and works in Ottensheim near Linz, AT

University of Art Linz, study of fine arts with focus on painting and graphic arts, Univ.-Prof. Ursula Hübner

Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, DE

Talent exchange Ö1 & chart of the month at Ö1
Talent promotion bonus for visual arts of the province of Upper Austria 2017

Lecturer for lithography at the University of Art Linz, AT
Since 2019 lecturer at the University of Art Linz, AT, Department of Painting and Graphics, Printing and Lithography

Inga Hehn works and experiments with various print and graphic techniques. The motives of her works remind of organic structures, fragments or bodies. In addition to monumental works on paper, so-called litho-collages, Hehn meticulously produces precise ink drawings composed of microscopically small parts. She also deals with the traditional technique of marbling paper, which she modifies and implements in a contemporary way. The works move between printmaking and drawing.