Julian Khol Florian Fausch

Insight Inside

19/01/2018 - 17/03/2018

Insight Inside

On January 19th we open our new gallery premises in the old town of Salzburg. On this occasion we are showing a group exhibition with works by Florian Fausch and Julian Khol. Both artists combine an intense friendship as well as a master class study at the Art Academy Düsseldorf.

Undoubtedly Florian Fausch’s paintings and drawings are utopian architectural landscapes whose rules work according to their own laws; They are places and non-places that revolve around the concept of the image. Familiar and at the same time so strange, they invite the viewer to lose their open eye in the picture space. There is not only up and down, right and left, a foreground and background in the deserted, enigmatic paintings and paperworks. Interiors meet up with glass fronts, stairs meet up with high-rise facades, mountain chains meet up with potted plants. Landscape and interiors are fanned out and split. They intertwine with each other into something completely new. Clearly defined sharp lines define architectural elements which, in turn, are lost in abstract motifs. This creates a simultaneity of different levels and modes of painting.

Julian Khol began his career as a painter almost 15 years ago. From 2004 he studied at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna with Prof. Ludwig Attersee. From 2007 to 2010 he graduated from the master class with Herbert Brandl in Dusseldorf with the master student award.

Khols expressive, figurative style was influenced, among others, by the Vienna School of Schiele, or Hrdlicka, as well as from America of the 50s. His works move on the line between figuration and abstraction. They provide raw power, impish clarity of motifs and colors. The painted object mediates between solid color and perspective and opens up the space into three dimensions. In recent months he reorientatated to very graphic and figurative works. The color does not longer dominate but takes only a smaller space as in the beginning of his artistic career.