Jos Pirkner

Zeit und Raum

02/10/2015 - 28/11/2015

Zeit und Raum

On 02 October Gallery 2CforArt in Salzburg is opening an exhibition of works by the Austrian sculptor Jos Pirkner. In his first gallery exhibition for over 15 years his unique bronzes are in the center. We are also showing paintings, drawings, and limited edition prints. The opening will take place on Friday 2nd October at 7pm. The artist will be present. Mag. Peter Husty from the Salzburg Museum will introduce Jos Prikner’s work to the audience.

Jos Pirkner was born in 1927 and has learned the artistic craft from scratch. Pirkner graduated in 1946 from the Master School of Applied Arts in Graz with distinction. In the 50s, the call follows to Utrecht, where he worked as an independent gold and silver sculptor in the world famous “Edelsmidse Brom”. In the Netherlands he met Johanna (Joke), the great love of his life, his muse and later on his passioned artistic collaborator who supported him even in heavy work such as molding and welding. All his life long Pirkner has accumulated knowledge, studying techniques and materials.

With his sculptures in silver, bronze or glass Pirkner has rapidly great success in Europe and the US. Much of his works are commissioned works, initially mainly for the public space. He became world famous by the architectural design of the Red Bull Headquarters in Fuschl. 14 huge bulls storm as powerful herd from inside the building out into the water, representing immense power and pressing forward movement. 47 tons of clay have been processed in Europe’s largest bronze sculpture. In Fuschl Pirkner has created a work of art, for which he has earned the highest praise among architects.

Pirkner is not interested in discussions about figuration or abstraction in art. It seems important to him which kind of emotion emerges at the viewer by watching his art and what the viewer thinks and feels. He draws with passion, whether with pencil or chalk, whether on paper, cardboard or on the floor. And also his painting style is characterized by spontaneity.

The representation of bodies, movements and feelings is the essence of his artistic work. Pirkner deals with capturing moments of human emotions, from joy and fear, of tension and relaxation, of relationships as a kind of fourth dimension in his sculptural work. “Not the anatomy is the challenge for me, not the body itself, but its language. The language is eloquent and clear.”

Forming with wet clay is heavy physical work. His main tools are the hands, a wet cloth and a piece of wood for tapping, stroking, kneading and line drawing. The next step is moulding, casting and refinishing the bronze parts by welding, filing, polishing, patinating.

Jos Pirkner is an extremely successful artist and has gained international recognition, thanks to numerous commissions and major collectors. He does not chase fashion trends, he wants to remain authentic and create his art according to his ideas instead of being determined by others. That is why he has always denied the mechanisms of the international art market. Jos Pirkner still works every day, he draws, paints and forms tirelessly. Artistic work is his lifeblood.

The author Julian Green says: “In the work of Jos Pirkner imagination and energy fuse. And yet another, for a sculptor rare quality I feel: the sense of human sensibility”.

Text: Dr. Erich Marx