Julia Rothmund


24/06/2016 - 10/08/2016


2CforART in Salzburg presents works by the emerging artist Julia Rothmund. The opening will take place on Friday June 24 at 18:00.The artist will be present. Julia Rothmund was born in 1981 in Bühl near Baden. She graduated from the Dusseldorf Art Academy in 2011 with the master class degree with Prof. Brandl. Julia Rothmund lives and work in Dusseldorf. Works by Julia Rothmund are regularly shown at the most important art fairs such as Art Cologne.

At first glance, the viewer perceives an intense emptiness in Rothmund’s works. The rooms in Julia’s paintings do not have any objects. You cannot see any traces indicating past or future use and possible functions. The glowing colors from dozens of glazes transform the rooms into a state outside of time. You can not locate them, neither in space nor historically. Julia Rothmund’s sovereign high quality painting skills are impressive. No brushstrokes can be seen, the paintings appear only to consist of light and atmospheric areas.

At second glance the paintings do not illustrate emptiness in the sense of a mere vacuum, they are loaded in a special way. The presence of light is an essential content of the paintings. The light from outside is meeting the light created within the painting, it is merging, interacting and conflicting at the same time. It is a reduced illustration of light and consequently of time.

The dimension of time is eminent, not only because of the working process in which many months are spent and countless glazes of colour, applied in horizontal position, need to dry before another layer again slightly modifies the painting. The result is an ever wider differentiation of light and time.

In a third aspect, the illustrated rooms are very concrete. You can feel as a viewer that they are not structurally designed and not invented but that the rooms are based on the reproduction of existing spaces. The paintings are grounded in reality.

Julia Rothmund managed to create a very unique approach. She is looking for new forms of illustration of space and time, emptiness and fullness, color and light,
exploring independently and persistently new surprising solutions.

Julia Rothmund: The fascinating thing about the concentrated awareness on color and light in empty space is the resultant moment of deceleration. Contrary to the visual overstimulation, speed and volume of today’s world, I intend to illustrate an antithesis of contemplative tranquility.

The basis of the works is a detailed check of the buildings which evoke the artist’s interest for historical and emotional reasons. In several days of photo shooting on site the artist captures the dialog of external light and darkness in the room, forming the starting point for paintings.