Ian Davenport

Ian Davenport

born 1966 in Kent, UK

Goldsmiths College of Art, London, UK

Lives and works in London, UK

Ian Davenport’s hallmark is his world-famous “Puddle Paintings”. For these images, Davenport uses a syringe to bring the colors on aluminum panels. “This technique allows me a precise control of the liquid.” The term “Puddle Paintings” comes from the fact that the colors in the lower edge of the picture collect in a puddle. Davenport’s works have been featured in major contemporary art galleries, including. a. the “Tate Britain” in London, the “Paul Kasmin Gallery” in New York or the “Art Plural Gallery” in Singapore.

Davenport’s work is held in numerous public collections including the Arts Council of Great Britain, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Tate gallery, London, Weltkunst Collection, Zurich and Southampton City Art Gallery.