08/04/2022 - 04/06/2022


The multi-award-winning street art collective, consisting of the twins Kai and Uwe Krieger and Joachim Pitt (all born in 1980), creates an ambivalently glamorous world in NEO POP. They transform facades of large buildings into monumental visual worlds, while paintings, objects, sculptures and graphics are created in the studio.

In the solo exhibition DOPAMINE, the collective exudes the positive emotions of street art with a colorful show. DOPAMINE takes you to a world of happiness and euphoria, love and lightheartedness. Painted wooden bodies are processed through artistic techniques such as stenciling and screen printing. Spray paint finds its way onto wood, paper, canvas and steel. Everyday products and objects transform into contemporary works of art. The pop culture of the 90s appears tangible and more alive than ever. The artists see colors as pure dopamine. Here, the collective makes use of a selected color spectrum with tones such as pink and purple, neon green and orange. Enough stimulus for the synapses to release the neurotransmitter. With DOPAMINE, 3Steps takes visitors into their world of neopop street art.

At the vernissage, editions sprayed exclusively for the occasion will be available. The unique pieces can be purchased directly on the evening as "fresh dopamine".