Tina Graf – COUNT ON ME

18/11/2022 - 20/01/2023

Tina Graf – COUNT ON ME

365. What a number!

When you speak of this number in days or of a year - what sounds more and what less? - both describe the same period of time.

Count on me' shows a 365-part linoleum print monotype series that Tina Graf created in exactly this period. To master such an undertaking, you need a good dose of exuberance, an irrepressible desire for the process and a good strategy. And even if you have these prerequisites, life with its ups and downs often gets in the way.

The format always remains the same, but every day is a new beginning. Tina Graf plays with colour and form, letting herself be guided by moods and the weather, and you can see that in this series. The colours and shapes change in waves, become larger or smaller, more detailed or more abstract, are colourful or remain completely monochrome. After a while, some shapes are used up and the colours don't quite fit the day either. So that she doesn't get tired and doesn't always repeat the same thing, she reinvents herself every day.

And so you can see a bit of life and a bit of time in Tina Graf's works. One year, 365 days.

Anya Triestram
Senior Artist, Die Angewandte Wien